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We have been strongly focused over the last few years on finding and improving bikes and gear we want to use and which in turn are well suited for the prospect of both world travel and daily life.  Bicycles are, without a doubt the most remarkable machines.  

We will use this category to explore the bikes, the gear and the ways to integrate your lives and travel with bikes with simplicity, and some style.


Expert tips and ramblings on bikes,  vans, kayaks and life. Such a life fun and rewarding.  It is a new way and a very old way.  Be sustainable, as much as yu can and enjoy the journey.

Nomadic Travel is not simple travel.  To be Nomadic is to be at home though your home may be moving.  In a traditional sense, most Nomadic peoples would move with the seasons, usually returning to the same range from year to year.  In the modern sense Travel can have more distance and a more varied time and topographic variety.  To be Nomadic, in both cases, has one being "at home" while underway, and it is the celebration and facilitation of this lifestyle I aim to cover with this category.

Read on and carry on.

Dated or at least less relevant to subjects at hand.

You will find here a variety of initiatives we are engaged in.  This is a multi-disciplinary operation and place.


Nomadic people, life and expereince.  Some of our customers and fellow travellers.

Nomadic.net Policies Category

Wildnet Categories


Organizing and optimizing. 

We can help you install, organize and become productive with the best build out possible.

We are focused on Linux Server installs and can have you running on your own hardware or in the cloud with ease and security.

Articles below reflect some of our interests.

Joomla Category

Various Notes on Joomla SEO management and interpretations

There is a lot of "small redirection" that takes place in Joomla.  Sometimes though, you need some big redirection.

My experience today is the following:

.httaccess in Joomla Directory is best for redirecting, say, from an IP Based URL resolution to your primary Domain Name.

It is also the easiest way to redirect, at least initially, a sub domain you want to close down.  The caveat here is that you need to be sure that you have your SSL covered, or that you are simply moving traffic from one port to another port so you are not requiring a SSL setup for the sub domain you are closing down  (I need to finish this in fact).

For SSL setups themselves, it is best to set everything up in Apache under Virtual Hosts.

I have had some success with Apache Rewrites directly but the issue is that you may have multiple Apache Virtual Hosts and some redirection there will kill your site  (so walk slowly).

I will try to fill in more as we go forward.

General discussions of Emulation, Platforms and OS Containers

Some "helper apps" are not always open source, though many are.  These are ones we use and notations as to why.

Touchstones for Domain Managment and SSL configuration

Nomadic.net Structural Category.

Home Page, Navigation and more.

KayakClub.org Category Entry

These are a list of our domains on the web.  Most will flow back and forth with this page.

Folding Bikes

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