• Bottom of Hurricane Rodeo Seat
  • Bracket detail for Hurricane Rodeo Seat

Prijon Hurricane - Rodeo Seat

Brand: Prijon

The Rodeo seat was the standard seat in the high-performance "Rodeo" version of the Prijon Hurricane. 

This seat brought these elements to the fore:

  • Ergonomic fitting with functional "hip padding" in the seat shape itself.
  • Very light weight:  2.4 lbs (1.1 kg)
  • Pillar anchoring capability
  • Stout triangular Backstrap Attachment
  • Adjustable anchoring (5 holes that can accomodate Prijon's standard 8mm Seat Bolts)

These are "New - Old Stock"

We have some availability also of used stock and will try to reflect used availability separately here.

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